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Black Conductive ABS CARRIER TAPE
PS Black Conductive Paper feed
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ABS Tape, Carrier Tape Manufacturers & Suppliers. A combination of platinum and Culture of electronic packaging materials upstream, midstream and downstream industries, and packaging technology with many years experience, specializing in ABS tape, Carrier Tape contains the skin of the conductive plastic material development, the production of the semiconductor industry on the use of conductive plastic and anti-static.

Kang's platinum conductive tape can be carried out in good condition to dissipate static electricity, can be used for packaging a variety of electronic components, such as IC, LSI, and other connectors.

Kang platinum production zone of the skin material (carrier tape) has a good stability, with more than a professional band (cover tape), such as Denka, Union, the largest Yang, JPP, such as match, and the Rally stability.

In addition, platinum and Culture set up the latest IC and LED packaging tape division, specializing in 8mm and 12mm tape winding, production plant for the purification of 100,000, the entire selection of imports of the most advanced equipment, all at the same time using their own raw material manufacturing, the use of multi-technology production lines to make our output more than 2,000,000 meters, also set with the minimum reduced manufacturing costs for IC packaging customers greater cost savings.

To strengthen the quality control of the company in 2005 through the ISO9001 certification in 2008 as a member Semicon.

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